Completed Projects

Successfully Completed Projects

Since 2010 OPS technicians have assisted and successfully completed over 170 projects throughout the UK, Europe and Africa, all to client satisfaction, within project milestones and to budget.

2019 has been no exception, with more than 25 successfully completed projects, not only our usual core services of corrosion protection and composite blade repairs, but also including Statutory Inspections, retrofits and component exchanges.

This year also saw OPS technicians returning to projects in the Oil & Gas sector as well as working on a variety of on- and offshore assets.

A selection of projects include the following:

A selection of projects successfully completed in 2019
BeatriceOffshorePre-assembly snagging
East Anglia 1Onshore & offshorePre-assembly snagging
Humber GatewayOffshorePaint Campaign
RacebankOffshorePaint campaign - 2 x substations
Walney 3 & 4OffshoreSnagging & retrofit
Norther - BelgiumOffshore Paint campaign & retrofit
Horns Reef 3 - Denmark
Offshore Internal paint campaign and component exchange
Esjberg - DenmarkOnshorePre-assembly; service and maintenance
Bjerkreim - NorwayOnshoreBlade campaign
BlythOffshoreComposite repairs
Merkur - GermanyOffshore Statutory Inspections
Conwy Platform - Oil & GasOffshoreFabric maintenance; paint campaign
Aftissat - MoroccoOnshoreBlade Inspections
GalloperOffshoreRope access retro-fit
A selection of 2018 projects
NordSee Ost- GermanyOffshoreRope access blade and lightning inspections
NordSee One - GermanyOffshoreRope access blade and lightning inspections
Conwy Platform - Oil & GasOffshoreRope access coating campaign - pipeworks
Walney ExtensionOffshoreService and maintenance retrofit assistance
Burbo Bank ExtensionOffshoreService and maintenance retrofit assistance; sub-station paint campaign
Humber GatewayOffshoreWind turbine tower coating campaign
BeatriceOffshoreWind turbine snagging list
RampionOffshoreWind turbine tower paint campaign
Race BankOffshoreRope access paint campaign - substation and cranes
Aftissat - MoroccoOnshoreRope access blade repairs
Borkum West II - GermanyOffshoreRope access service and maintenance retrofit
Belfast - Walney pre-assemblyOnshorePre-assembly snagging
AberdeenOffshoreRope access blade inspections
GalloperOffshoreService and maintenance
BlythOffshoreRope access blade maintenance
2017 and earlier projects
Gode wind - GermanyOffshoreRope access blade repairs
Aftissat - MoroccoOnshoreRope access Rope access blade repairs
Lake Turkana - KenyaOnshoreRope access blade repairs
Hull pre-assemblyOnshorecorrosion protection
GalwayOnshoreRope access coating repairs
NordSee Ost - GermanyOffshoreRope access blade inspections and lightning protection inspections
Burbo Bank ExtensionOffshoreService and maintenance retrofit.
Rope access composite blade inspections and repairs
Causeway Bridge OnshoreGround glass repairs
Humber GatewayOffshorePaint snagging campaign
Lynn and Inner DowsingOffshoreCorrosion protection campaign
OsterlidOnshoreRope access blade maintenance
Roslev - DenmarkOnshoreRope access blade maintenance
Thyboron - DenmarkOnshoreRope access blade maintenance
Avedore - DenmarkOnshoreRope access blade lightning protection system testing; tower corrosion protection
Brande - DenmarkOnshoreRope access lightning protection systems repairs
Samso - DenmarkOffshoreRope access blade repairs; leading-edge protection application
Robin RiggOffshoreCorrosion protection to transition pieces
Stamasen - SwedenOnshoreRope access tower corrosion protection
LochluichartOnshoreRope access blade inspections
Delfzijl - HollandOnshoreRope access blade maintenance and internal repairs
Gwynt Y MorOffshoreRope access blade inspections,maintenance, and lightning protection. Corrosion protection snagging and sub-station corrosion protection
A over EOnshoreRope access corrosion protection
Mid Hill ExtensionOnshoreRope access blade repairs and corrosion protection
Ben en Turic IIOnshoreRope Access blade maintenance and retrofit maintenance
Great YarmouthOnshorePre-assembly corrosion protection
Tilbury DocksOnshoreCorrosion protection
Cammel LairdOnshorePre-assembly corrosion protection on transition pieces
Mostyn DocksOnshorePre-assembly corrosion protection
Belfast DocksOnshorePre-assembly corrosion protection
Tafarya - MoroccoOnshoreRope access blade inspections and repairs; cleaning and corrosion protection
Bankend RigOnshoreCorrosion protection and gearbox paint application
CauseymireOnshoreCorrosion protection campaign
Carraig GhealOnshoreCorrosion protection campaign
RosehallOnshoreRope access blade inspection and composite repairs; corrosion protection campaign
Rothes IIOnshoreRope access blade Inspections and composite repairs; corrosion protection campaign
Westermost RoughOffshoreRope access blade inspections and repairs; corrosion protection campaign
Burbo BankOffshoreRope access blade inspections; corrosion protection campaign
Rhyl FlatsOffshoreCorrosion protection campaign
Gwynt-y-MorOffshoreRope access corrosion protection inspections and application to transition pieces
WODSOffshoreRope Access composite blade repairs; maintenance and service retrofits; corrosion protection application
Gunfleet SandsOffshoreCorrosion protection campaign
LincsOffshoreCorrosion protection cmpaign
TeesideOffshoreCorrosion protection campaign
London ArrayOffshoreCorrosion protection campaign
Greater GabbardOffshoreRope Access inspections and composite blade repairs; service and maintenance retrofit; corrosion protection campaign. Sub-station corrosion protection
LochluichartOnshoreRope access blade inspection and composite blade repairs; service and maintenance retrofit; corrosion protection campaign
CallacharOnshoreRope access blade inspections and composite blade repairs; service and maintenance retrofits; corrosion protection campaign
Sheringham ShoalOffshoreRope access blade inspections and composite blade repairs; corrosion protection campaign
Walney 1 & 2OffshoreCorrosion protection campaign