Calliachar - Blade Repairs

Project Description

 Febuary 2013

Blade Repairs (Siemens Blade B & C)

Calliachar Wind Farm

Blade Repairs were completed by Offshore Painting Service to Siemens severely damaged blades these included Siemens Blade C & B repairs to:

  • Full Tip Rebuilds
  • Leading Edge Blade Repairs
  • Trailing Edge Blade Repairs
  • Hub Fibre Repairs
  • Siemens Blade C Repairs
  • Siemens Blade B Repairs
  • Power Curve Application
  • Dinoshell retrofit
  • Lightening Protection System Repairs
  • Weight balance block installation


Offshore Painting Services also completed all repairs to surface coating damages to all components and towers once erected due to installation, these were completed to the following specifications:

  • ISO 12944
  • ISO 8501-1
  • ISO 8502-4
  • ISO 19840
  • ISO 8520-9
  • ISO 8502-3


Calliachar Wind Farm is located onshore near Aberfeldy, Scotland and was completed in September 2013 with an installed capacity of 32.2MW – The site consisted of 14 Siemens 2.3mw Wind Turbine Generators