Loch Luichart - Composite Blade Repairs

Project Description

 Summer 2013

Composite Blade Repairs

Loch Luichart Wind Farm – North Scotland

Offshore Painting Services completed composite blade repairs to damaged blades including:

  • Full Tip Rebuilds
  • Leading Edge Rebuilds
  • Trailing Edge Rebuilds
  • Structural Repairs to Internal Blade and Root End
  • Winglet Removal and Re-Application
  • Hub Fibre Repairs


OPS technicians completed all quality assurance procedures, creating detailed reports for site management.

Loch Luichart wind farm site is located on the higher land between Loch Glascarnoch and Lochluichart approximately 18km north-west of Dingwall, The complete 69MW project became fully operational in June 2014 consisting of 23 turbines.