Morocco - Composite Blade Inspections and corrosion protection

Project Description

 2014 - 2018

Rope Access Composite Blade Inspections


Tarfaya & Aftissat Windfarms – Morocco

Throughout the past 4 years OPS technicians have been deployed to a number of different windfarms across Morocco to complete a range of tasks including wind turbine composite blade inspections, cleaning and tower surface corrosion protection utilising a range of techniques, including rope-access.

The first deployment was to Tarfaya in southern Morocco; the second and more recent, to Aftissat, situated in the Western Sahara.

Tarfaya is a coastal desert location in southern Morocco with optimal wind conditions. The 300 MW wind project is one of the largest onshore windfarms on the African continent with 131 wind turbines. The wind farm represents about 40% of the country’s total wind capacity at commercial operation date.

Meanwhile, Aftissat is smaller than its cousin, with 56 turbines but with an operational capacity of 202MW.