NordSee - Rope Access Composite Blade Inspections

Project Description

 Summer - Autumn 2018

Rope Access Composite Blade Inspections

NordSee Ost & One Wind Farms – German North Sea

Throughout the summer and autumn of 2018 OPS rope access technicians were deployed to the German North Sea on both NordSee Ost and NordSee One wind farms to complete composite blade inspections and lightning damage inspections across many of the wind turbines on each wind farm.

Both wind farms are situated in close proximity to one another with NordSee Ost located 57km from shore and NordSee One 40km. NordSee Ost comprises of 48 wind turbines with an operational capacity of 295MW; NordSee One is slightly larger at 54 turbines and an operational capacity of 332MW.