Walney Extension - A Family of 4

Project Description

 Summer 2011 - to date

Wind Turbine Maintenance

Walney, a family of 4 offshore windfarms

Since 2011 OPS technicians have been deployed  across the Walney range of windfarms located in the Irish Sea off the coast of Cumbria.

Projects have included corrosion protection to the transition pieces and towers of wind turbines on the windfarm; more recently, throughout 2018 OPS technicians were involved in asset maintenance and assisted with the sub-station paint campaign as well as a variety of composite blade tasks utilising rope-access techniques.

All tasks were completed to the satisfaction of the client, within the project milestones and deliverables and on budget, emphasising the OPS commitment to Quality, Safety and Satisfaction.

Walney extension is currently the worlds largest operational offshore windfarm at 659MW, enough electricity to power nearly 600 000 homes. Covering an area the size of 20 000 football pitches (145sq km), the windfarm now has a collective 189 turbines.