Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance & Documentation

Quality Assurance

Offshore Painting Services’ quality procedures and documentation are the most detailed and thorough within our industry, most other companies will claim to be the biggest and best but Offshore Painting Services can prove this where it matters which is on site.

Offshore Painting Services will only employ Blade Technicians and Coating Technicians with a proven and experienced background, we understand the importance of the service we are providing and realise that our technicians professionalism and expertise on site is our future reputation

Our technicians will work with site management and QA departments to produce an end product that will be repaired to the highest of standards following all work instructions and repair procedures. All our repairs will be backed up with detailed documentation and stage by stage photographs that will give our clients the peace of mind that all repairs have been completed to the correct specifications required.

Offshore Painting Services supervisors are experienced coatings inspectors, combined with our in depth and detailed reporting process guarantees a lasting and professional finish for all clients. Offshore Painting Services technicians are also trained in Wind Turbine protective coatings repairs at the Amu-Vest Technical College in Esjberg Denmark

Our Blade Technicians are all trained and certified through the Amu-Syd Technical College in Denmark followed by further training in Brande Denmark, All Offshore Painting Services Blade repair teams will include an advanced Blade Technician or Siemens Blade C Technician which enables us to provide more services than any of our competitors.