Blade Repair & Blade Inpections

Blade Repair & Blade Inspections

Blade Repair, Blade Inspections and Blade Maintenance of Wind Turbine Blades is paramount to ensure the efficiency of your machine. This is why Offshore Painting Services will supply teams of expert blade technicians for all types of inspections and repairs, both onshore and offshore utilising our Rope Access, MEWPs or Pre-erection teams.

Offshore Painting Services will only employ blade technicians with a proven and experienced background. We understand the importance of the service we are providing and realise that our technicians’ professionalism and expertise on site is our future reputation.

At Offshore Painting Services we pride ourselves on our blade technicians’ expert knowledge and ability to inspect and repair all models of blades. Our technicians are all specially trained and certified in Polyester/Epoxy blade repairs, and all have a vast array of experience from basic blade repairs to tip replacements and full structural repairs.

Unlike our competitors, Offshore Painting Services employ Blade Repair Technical Supervisors that are trained and extremely experienced in all classifications of blade repairs. These technical supervisors are at hand for our blade technicians on site to draw upon their wealth of experience which ensures all blade repairs are completed to the correct specification, procedure and classification of repair. These technical supervisors also act as blade repair QA/QC for all documentation and repair procedures.

Blade Repair & Inspection Training

Offshore Painting Services’ blade repair technicians are all trained and certified through the Amu-Syd Technical College in Denmark followed by further training in Brande Denmark. All Offshore Painting Services’ blade repair teams will include an advanced Blade Technician or Siemens Blade C Technician, which enables us to provide more services than any of our competitors. Our technicians hold the following accreditations:

  • Blade Repair using Epoxy and Polyester matrix.
  • Blade mouldings using Epoxy and Polyester matrix.
  • Advanced diagnosis and defect rectification of Siemens blades in accordance with level C.
  • Safety using Epoxy resins and isocyanates.
  • Powercurve application.
  • Lightening Protection System repairs and application.
  • Internal and external blade inspections.
  • Laminate example extraction.

End of warranty Blade Inspections

Offshore Painting Services recommend that our clients wind turbine blades should be inspected by our expert and accredited blade technicians 6 months prior to expiration of warranty. This small cost of mobilising a team of blade repair and blade inspection technicians can save our clients the costly process of blade repairs once the blade warranty has expired.



Post Warranty Blade Inspections

Offshore Painting Services recommend that our clients perform blade inspections every 2 years. If any defects have been noticed we suggest inspections on a more regular basis if blade repairs are not an option at the time. Offshore Painting Services can arrange a fixed blade inspection price for clients wishing to opt for our 2 yearly inspection option so budgets can be planned around this important maintenance process.

Blade Inspections

Blade Inspections to known tip damage


Composite Blade Repairs

Offshore Painting Services supply the industries best and highly experienced blade repair technicians trained to the highest standards in advanced diagnosis and defect rectification of Siemens blades in accordance with level C classifications. Our technicians have a vast array of experience repairing Siemens/Vestas and LM blades. We are also proud to boast that our experienced technicians are the only blade technicians to have repaired and replaced the Siemens tip winglet outside of the factory setting, saving huge costs on the procurement of a new blade for the UK.

Our blade repair technicians complete all repairs to the highest standard expected by the customer focusing on safety, efficiency, and quality. They are all trained in the following repair procedures to Epoxy and Polyester blades:

  • Leading edge composite fibre repairs and full rebuilds.
  • Trailing edge composite fibre repairs and full rebuilds.
  • Structural repairs to internal webbing.
  • Full core material repairs and replacements.
  • Full tip replacements and rebuilds.
  • Winglet replacement.
  • Basic to Advanced composite fibre repairs.
  • Lightening Protection System inspection repairs and installation.
  • Powercurve (Vortex Generators, Dinotails, Dinoshells) inspection, application, repairs and retrofit.
  • Blade bearing replacements.
  • Blade balance weight block installation and replacements.
  • Laminate sample extraction.
  • Internal and External inspections.
  • Surface coating repairs to spot filler, Gel coat and Top coat.
  • Blade Polishing and Cleaning.
  • Nose cone and nacelle fibre inspections and repairs.


Severely damaged blade, due to be returned to factory but repaired on site by Offshore Painting Services

Severely damaged blade, due to be returned to factory but repaired on site by Offshore Painting Services.

Winglet removed, tip repaired and rebuilt

Winglet removed, tip repaired and rebuilt.

Winglet applied to repaired blade

Winglet applied to repaired blade.

Completed Tip, Leading edge and Winglet repair

Completed Tip, Leading edge and Winglet repair.


Reporting process

Offshore Painting Services’ quality procedure and documentation process are the most detailed and thorough within our industry. Most other companies will claim to be the biggest and best, but Offshore Painting Services can prove this where it matters which is on site.

Our technicians will work with site management and QA departments to produce an end product that will be repaired to the highest of standards, following all work instructions and repair procedures. All our repairs will be backed up with detailed documentation and stage by stage photographs that will give our clients the peace of mind that all repairs have been completed to the correct specifications required.




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